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Hello, my name is Dr. Debra Fink and I want to welcome you to my orthodontic blog! Although you will find many blogs and news sources that are devoted to dental and orthodontic topics, I am writing this blog to fulfill a particular need that has really gone unmet: short, but detailed articles about specific topics that provide you with enough of an overview to make an informed decision. The reason I am doing this is because before I became an orthodontist, I obtained a master's degree in research biochemistry and I participated in a series of diverse projects ranging from working for an industrial chemical conglomerate to working for a university on pioneering skin grafting techniques. I have continued my lifelong passion for scientific research by initiating and participating in the clinical research using non-surgical techniques to cure TMD/TMJ at Washington University School of Medicine, Program in Physical Therapy. This background provides me with a rather unique perspective among orthodontists in that I spent a great deal of time working with scientific literature. As such, I have found that most information in the dental and orthodontic area falls into two basic groups: it is either a general and incomplete discussion of a particular issue or it is a very specific, narrow and technical discussion about a particular aspect of a problem. The difficultly is that neither approach can really help most patients make an informed decision. So, this blog is devoted to presenting a detailed but non-technical overview of particular topics that will help you make a decision along with links to the appropriate resources for more information when necessary. Even so, if you come visit us you will find that my staff and I have created a pleasant and fun atmosphere, so from time to time, I will post something on the lighter side about the goings on at my office. So, please read on and if you have any suggestions about particular topics that you would like to have addressed, feel free to let me know.

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