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Dr. Debra Fink Discusses What it is Like to be an Orthodontist in St. Louis

My Interview with OnTheJob.tv

The following video is an excerpt from my interview with OnTheJob.tv, where I discuss what it is like to be an orthodontist in St. Louis. I genuinely enjoyed the entire process of creating this video because it allowed me to reflect upon the reasons why I entered into orthodontics and why I love coming to work and doing this job each day. As I explain in the video, I became fascinated with science at a young age because of a dynamic, interesting and supportive teacher and I have heard similar types of stories from a whole variety of people not only in the scientific fields but in many other areas as well. Once I was introduced to the concept of a system of rules that needed to be understood, mastered and then explored for new knowledge, it allowed me to develop a mindset that persistence at any task almost always results in excellence and the mastery of it. It also showed me that any challenge could be reframed as a set of rules for a contest of sorts. As I explain in the video, I first obtained a Master’s Degree in biochemistry and worked as a research biochemist before I entered into dental and then orthodontic school. At the time that I began dental school, I already had four children and my oldest son was thirteen. Since dental school has similar time demands as medical school, I was very pressed for time, so I used to take my son grocery shopping with me on occasion. I decided that in order to save what little time I had available that I would turn the shopping errand into a contest that I called “power shopping.” I would tear the shopping list in half and give half to my son and we would see who could get through it first in an orderly fashion and get back to the checkout aisle. My son, who is now an attorney and has a wife and family of his own, once told me as he laughed that he still cannot enter a store without immediately scanning every aisle and feeling the urge to move quickly as if he was still playing high school varsity ball. His wife also told me that she cannot believe how purposefully and efficiently he moves through any store and how quickly he gets back home. And this is really the way I approach just about every aspect of my life including my orthodontic practice. I am very proud of the clinical skills that I have developed as an orthodontist in St. Louis, but I am always looking for ways to develop new treatment systems or modifications to existing systems that will bring improved care to my patients. In any case, I hope that you enjoy this video.

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