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St. Louis Orthodontic Treatment Times Reduced by the Propel System

How Does the Propel System Shorten Treatment Times?

At my St. Louis orthodontic office, we are constantly researching and implementing state-of-the-art treatments that we can use to enhance the options and care that we provide for our patients. So, I am writing this post to inform you about a new system we have been using which rapidly accelerates the speed at which teeth are moved during orthodontic treatment and this allows us to provide the same excellent orthodontic results but with much shorter treatment times.

It is called the Propel system, it is based upon pioneering university research and it works differently than traditional orthodontic technology which has focused on using gentle, yet precise forces on teeth to move them into the proper alignment. This system complements traditional orthodontic technology and focuses on controlling the patient’s biological response to the orthodontic technology by stimulating the bone surrounding the teeth which helps teeth move faster into their desired positions, thus dramatically reducing treatment times by as much as 50%. This process is both safe and simple as each installment of this treatment can be completed in minutes, causes only minor discomfort and patients are able to immediately return to their normal daily routine.

The Propel system is especially beneficial for adult patients who typically take longer to grow new bone in the jaws to accommodate shifting teeth. Thus, this system will both speed up the rate at which tissues heal and the rate at which the teeth will shift when used in conjunction with traditional orthodontic treatments. As such, this system can be used with a wide range of orthodontic treatment options including but not limited to Invisalign, and various types of brackets and wires for a range of orthodontic problems including spacing, crowding, open bite, and cross bite.

In order to achieve these exceptional results, the Propel system uses a medical device that is patented, FDA-registered and based upon innovative research that was performed at New York University’s College of Dentistry and that was published between 2010 and 2013. This device is designed to create Micro-Osteoperforations, which stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth through a process called Alveocentesis. Alveocentesis works by causing a significant increase in cytokine activity around a tooth, which leads to faster and more efficient bone remodeling and this is what allows this system to move teeth faster. Put another way, the bone of both the upper and lower jaw are stimulated so that the bone that holds the teeth in place can better adjust as the teeth shift into alignment. Further enhancing the system, at my St. Louis orthodontic office, I can employ the system in a precise manner that allows me to target specific teeth or quadrants rather than applying the system to all teeth to achieve the best treatment results.

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