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Types of Braces and Orthodontic Care


In the past, the impressions needed for orthodontic treatment were created using a tray and gooey putty that usually caused gagging and discomfort. No more! With the new, state-of-the-art iOC scanner, the highly-trained staff at Dr. Fink’s St. Louis orthodontic office use a painless, digital scanner to take a highly accurate three dimensional orthodontic impression in minutes and it allows patients to still breathe and swallow naturally. The new system is not only more comfortable than traditional impressions, but it allows patients to see their impressions right away and it creates a digitally accurate representation of the contours of the teeth and mouth that results in improved orthodontic care.

Types of Braces

  • Insignia Braces: This type of treatment uses a computerized system to create brackets and wires tailored to your particular, individualized teeth and mouth. Since each aspect of Insignia’s digital orthodontic treatment plan is precisely calculated to affect your tooth movement in the most optimal way, the result is fewer visits to the orthodontist, exceptional comfort and a reduction in the amount of time you would ordinarily have to wear traditional braces. In addition, you can discover your best smile specifically proportioned to your facial features, using Insignia’s 3-D representation of your exact tooth positioning with precision accuracy.
  • Tooth-Colored, Ceramic Braces: This treatment option works similarly to traditional metal braces but the brackets are tooth-colored and are therefore less visible on your teeth. This treatment system generally uses metal wires although white wires and orthodontic rubber bands can be used to provide further cosmetic masking. Finally, while this option is usually more comfortable and visually less prominent than traditional forms of orthodontic treatment, it does tend to require more attention to oral hygiene.
  • Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces however the brackets are placed on the back of the teeth and thus are hidden and “invisible” when you smile. The appeal of this option is that it allows you to undergo treatment in a completely discreet manner. As a result, this treatment option is very popular among athletes, models, actors/actresses, musicians and professionals. In addition, with the state-of-the-art Harmony system, lingual braces are fully customized to your individual mouth, the brackets for the back of your teeth are designed to be small and smooth and overall treatment times are now similar to those of traditional braces.
  • Traditional Metal Braces: This type of treatment is the most common type of St. Louis orthodontic treatment due to its lower cost and higher durability. This option uses metal brackets that are bonded to each individual tooth and a wire is run through them to cause precise movements of the teeth. To keep the brackets in place, rubber bands are used and they come in a variety of colors to match your favorite sports team, an upcoming holiday or anything else you desire. This treatment option is one of the traditional forms of orthodontic treatment, it is still one of the most preferred by orthodontists and it is very effective and efficient for moving teeth. And with recent advancements, this treatment system uses braces that are now smaller, more comfortable and more attractive than those that were used in the past.
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